Family Raised  AKC working German Shepherds- for  medical alert and personal service

Welcome to Stone Creek Shepherds!

So you want a German Shepherd? Get ready to learn that they are:

  • * Crazy active, energetic and will keep you hopping! EASILY BORED!
  • * Love to play with balls, Frisbees, tug of war on ropes or rags, or chase flirt sticks
Realize that you will have to: 
  • * LEARN them... their health, nutrition, exercise and personalities
  • * And learn what makes a Stone Creek Shepherd extra special with it's ability to detect medical and emotional needs.

I am a full time, fully committed breeder for the life of the dog to you and them. When I say I am available 24/7/365, I am, without hesitation as much as humanly possible.

You need to research the working German Shepherd dog or have experience with them and if you don't,  then be prepared to listen and learn. Every dog is different just like every owner and every family is.

You will be required to:

  • * APPLY to own one of our dogs. (Sometimes this happens in person like an interview)
  • * You must be  APPROVED to own one of our dogs. If I feel a dog is not a good fit for you,  I will be honest and say so. 
  • * And you must stay in touch throughout the life of the dog. 

Stone Creek Shepherds is proud to know the whereabouts and welfare of all our dogs and always to assist our owners in any way with any issues that may arise. NO Stone Creek Shepherd has ever been lost, or abandoned.

My German Shepherds come from a variety of excellent bloodlines.  Together, they produce a very well- balanced  and wonderful working dog! They have all exhibited great intelligence, quick learning skills, excellent confidence, an extreme loyalty, sound minds and stoic bodies with very big hearts!   PUPPYHOOD is no different than CHILDHOOD and is full of challenges. They are growing into full adult dogs and your patience is important.

All have proven to be superb companions for families with children, individuals seeking a companion or professionals seeking a service dog.  Best of all they've proven to be naturally "gifted" for MEDICAL service: seizure alert, therapy for anxiety, migraine service, personal service, eldercare, diabetic alert, CPAP, Cardiac alert, ESD service, PTSD, natural protection (beyond their normal nature),  and in general adaptive to the owners they live with.  Our dogs make excellent pets, but also serve as personal service dogs, companions, security, protection or companionship, security, family protection, or just a good buddy. 

As with all dogs, they need standard obedience training and Public Access Training but let them teach you what they know and learn them as much as they will learn you. My dogs can work for all people, but not all people are made for my dogs. 

STONE CREEK SHEPHERDS ARE DIFFFERENT. Come visit to see for yourself! Bottom Line: contact me... or text/call 941.284.6130