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Family Raised AKC working German Shepherds- for medical alert and personal service

About Us- Stone Creek Shepherds

Atlas and Athena at 4 months (Photo by Ashley Jorgensen)

Our Kennel Verse: Revelation 5:13

And every created thing

which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth

and on the sea, and all things in them, I heard saying,

To Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb,

be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever.

This is important to me... it means ALL our creatures we've ever known will join us in Heaven in Eternity... I so look forward to that day! Death is not final and cruel... it's only a temporary separation... as we often say, over the Rainbow Bridge to Eternity!

Mission Statement:

To breed German Shepherd Dogs

that advance the breed

in striking appearances, stable nerves, soundness and character.

How We Plan to Achieve This:

We do this through a semi-professional, residential program via strict, ethical and responsible breeding practices. Max von Stephanitz said it the best when describing this breed he created: "Remarkable in his unswerving loyalty to his master, irrepressible in his high spirits, never idle, always in motion, good-natured but not a flatterer, a constant pleasure to the eye..."

Keep in mind: This is not a calm, placid dog. My line is not always an easy dog to get thru puppyhood with. They are powerful and challenging but seriously worth it!

With Roush (left) Orion (Lap) and Atlas (right) -

First Birthday Party at Happy Tails Dog Park, GT Bray, Bradenton 2011

My passion has always been this breed of dog. There are few greater joys in my heart than to be smothered by a litter of "just learning to be little dogs" puppies and see that wonderful inquisitive, anxious look in their eye that says "I love you" everytime! Walking and talking with my dogs every day is a great source of relaxation. I strive to keep my kennel program as high a quality as the breed was created to be! Fanatical as it may seem at times, it has always panned out best for the pups, for the new owners and in the end for me. This picture shows the female I kept, Athena, at 5 weeks with me.

My intention with every litter is to keep at least one puppy in order to watch how it grows, it's temperament, determine any development issues, watch the progress as they grow and then determine for the future the direction I want the kennel to take. All actions I choose for the dogs has long lasting effects. It's important to me to choose wisely for their health (good nutrition, good health, good homes, good service and benefits to society), for the betterment of the breed as has been intended from the start and for my own growth and knowledge as a breeder.

By no means are these animals ever just "a source of income". In fact, breeding is not a means to getting rich! Training, development, service, the desire to raise and breed the best German Shepherds a family or anyone could ask for in temperament and whatever their need is my ultimate goal. My dogs should fit like family because they'll live with you like family for a very long time. In turn I expect the same commitment from my owners. (below: Sire Mercury and son Atlas, at 6months)

Below is a shot of Atlas all stretched to reach up a ladder to get to a friend of mine. Atlas was the largest of the first litter and so far the largest pup ever born yet to Stone Creek Shepherds. At one year, he weighs in at 93lbs! Everyone has lots of room to run. Atlas is a very natural service dog and is being trained as such for me (MS assistance for falls).

(Below: Athena and Atlas in the yard at 6mos)

The Dollivers who became FAMILY ! With Fauna and Hercules! We've been thru a lot!

Guy and Orion, best neigh-bors ever!

My husband Doug who helps and puts up with all my crazy dog stuff. 

Me and Lizz with Jett, and Tanya and Rocky

My son Kenn with his girl, Mischa

Me with Mischa

Maddie our EPI rescue, RIP 2019

My son Kenn with his boy, Vidarr SC2