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Family Raised AKC working German Shepherds- for medical alert and personal service

Stone Creek Shepherds Breeding Philosophy:

We do not breed many litters in a year. My bitches breed later in life when the right mate is matched to them, and they are mature and fully developed and ready. I also rest them between litters unless a particularly strong bitch merits the potential for a back to back litter then she will rest after that.

All breeding pairs are tested for Brucellosis prior to breeding unless they are pack mates. Each breeding pair is tested or cleared by parentage for Degenerative Mylenapathy (DM), and have had their hips and elbows x-rayed and evaluated.

Our goal is to breed physically sound German Shepherds with a temperament suitable for any line of work. We are very blessed to have discovered they have an innate gift for medical alert service...meaning that they naturally adapt to all modes of medical service, making them doubly easy to train for personal companion and medical service.

Because our dogs primarily serve in life saving and family living environments, we do not show. A few of our dogs serve in Search & Rescue, and some are earning their titles with other owners, however, I breed primarily for Medical Alert & Personal Companion Service.

BREEDINGS 2022-2023