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Service Dogs

Family Raised AKC working German Shepherds- for medical alert and personal service



Born of Bella x Mercury, April 14, 2010, she is the last surviving sibling of the litter SC1. Athena is our Matriarch and my Cardiac Alert Dog. She began teaching me how to teach my Doctors there really was something amiss in 2011. She managed my Prinzmetal Angina until my current Cardiologist discovered my Myocardial Bridge. She gives new meaning to one's "heart dog". Athena is an amazing Bitch and the mother of Venus, Anna, Zenzi, Hercules, Zeus, Poseidon and Lukas (D) of litter SC3. DM-Clear Hips-Good


Born Sept 2011, Cassie is a RESCUE brought to us by a friend. My husband fell in love with her sweet nature.  The rest is history as my husband claimed his first German Shepherd forever as "his girl". 


Born of Athena x Jett from litter SC3 on December 26, 2012, Venus has been one of our best girls! Bred only once by her choice to Taurus,  she whelped 3 beautiful pups. Her daughter Nona resides with us. Venus' favorite pastime is the frisbee! DM-Carrier Hips-Fair 


Born of Gigi x Q Fred vom Loganberg on March 1, 2014, Adonis is a beautiful rich Red & Black Male! With a playful and delightful personality, Adonis is the perfect all around temperament! DM-Carrier 


Born of Mt Olympus Kennels on April 17, 2014, Ares is a pure black Working Showline with the sweetest temperament! Ares has sired our SC12 & SC13 litters with Diana, the sire of Terra, Mulan, Gunner2 & Warlock, plus Phoebe, Luna, Cali, Khalida, Mamba, Tyr, Shadow, and Kanan. DM-Clear Hips OFA GS-106267G80M-VPI GOOD

ZARYA (rehomed)

Born December 25, 2015, in Myakka, Zarya is Mercury's neice by his sister, Chara.  Zarya made her home with us since 2017 and after her mother passed, was rehomed to her mother's family to care for them. DM-Clear


Born of Aries x Orion from litter SC9  on May 6, 2018, Taurus was our first Kennel Sable! For whatever reason, his ears never stood up, but it has only added to his insanely incredible personality and temperament! He is the sire of Nona by Venus. DM-Clear


Born of Aries x Orion from litter SC10 on December 12,2018, Freyja was my choice of the repeat breeding. A beautiful sable like her brother Taurus. Freyja has shown cardiac alert tendencies and been confirmed several times. She most likely will take over Athena's position with me. Excellent temperament! DM-clear 

NONA    @ Kenn's

Born of Venus x Taurus from litter SC11 on May 22, 2019, Nona was one of three pups to survive. She is a delightfully sweet bitch and super protective of her mother, Venus. Nona is a super ESD girl!  DM-clear.


Born of the VPK kennel, on March 22, 2019 our Jenevere (Jen) is a unique girl full of many challenges. She has learned much with us and grows daily. Jen has developed nicely. DM-clear. Hips- mild dysplasia (injury) 

Elbows- OFA- GS-EL46884F28-PI 


Born of Diana x Ares from litter SC13 on April 5, 2021, Tyr is a very energetic but very affectionate male! Black and Red and quick to learn, he's stepping into his grandsire Atlas' paws very well. Tyr has shown cardiac alert tendencies, and is extremely attentive to emotional upheaval.  DM -Carrier


Born of Mercury x Bella from litter SC2 on May 17, 2011, Vidarr is my son's dog. He is the last surviving siblings of the SC2 litter of 13. Vidarr has proven  to be an incredible ESD service dog! DM-clear Hips: good


Born of Edie x Atlas from litter SC6 on March 19, 2015. Diana was retired in 2022 from breeding after her litter SC13.Athena has designated her as the next Pack Matriarch. She is a an incredible powerhouse and terrific ESD girl! Diana was an awesome breeder and the best mother I could ask for. DM-carrier. Hips: good.