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Family Raised AKC working German Shepherds- for medical alert and personal service

Mercury's Legacy....Our Puppies

Every once in a while, a dog comes into my life.... and I am never the same again... in fact I am a better person for having experienced them. My beautiful Mercury was one such dog... a Craigslist find, a breeder hunt and papers acquired, an incredible temperament, beauty to behold, a joy to train and know and be loved by. A legacy of incredible offspring. There's a hole in my heart where he resides in my sweetest memories... til we are reunited... Revelation 5:13

His Legacy.. 2 litters directly from him...SC1 & SC2

Bella and Mercury the original founding mates


4.14.10 ~2.17.22

ATLAS, my very first born SCS pup, the King of our Kennel for almost 12 yrs, and my heart & soul protector crossed over the Bridge on HIS terms at 4am beside my bed. And my heart shattered. Forever and  always with me til we meet again. Rest in Love my beloved Kennel King. You chose us from birth and God blessed us beautifully with you in service to us ur whole life! Till we meet again, Rev 5:13.DM-carrier Hips:fair

Sire of litters SC5 & SC6 x Edie


5.11.17 ~ 1.4.22

THOR, the biggest of the SC2 litter and my pick the moment he was born!  Always happy second to Atlas but the two just could not get along once they were adults. A Brown Recluse Spider stole his tail and Cancer took his life after 3 attempts it finally succeeded. Our pack clown and powerhouse! My kingpin with his brother, Atlas.  THOR was DM- carrier and Hip-fair, but the spider nixed his breeding chances.


4.14.10 ~ 8.10.19

Ares of litter SC1  passed away from DM (Degenerative Mylenapathy) in Orlando, FL. Unfortunately in 2010, we did not have sound DNA testing until 2012 and breeding the unknown caused this terrible disease to strike. Ares was an incredible dog to incredible owners who gave him the very best possible life he could have asked for.



APOLLO was a beautiful rescue out of Ft Myers. A puppy mill puppy at 6 months with severe hip dysplasia. Discarded. My son fell in love with him and his life became history for 10 more years that the vets said he'd never make. But a RAW diet, HOLISTIC health treatments & good weight control, Apollo lived a long life to die peacefully in his sleep. An incredibly sweet & beautiful boy! 


4.14.10 ~ 7.19.21

Prince of litter SC1  lived in North Carolina with a family of many children and happily provided great service to the all of them for a variety of needs. His most important moment occurred when he cardiac alerted his owner prior to a near fatal heart attack and the owner got help before it was too late! Prince sired litter SC2a. He passed away in his sleep at home. 


4.14.10 ~ 3.4.22

Mischa of litter SC1 lived with my son, Kenn since being rescued from several homes since about 2017. Mischa quickly made Kenn HER man! And Kenn called her his little "tank"! Athena's sister and equally as fierce they could never reside in the same household. Our Lady Red and my Red Dragon, Mischa was a wonderful incredible bitch! DM-clear 


4.14.10 ~ 9.4.21

ROUSH of litter SC1  passed away from DM (Degenerative Mylenapathy) , he was the other littermate affected by DM as was Ares. Roush also expereinced other issues late in life but lived a good life and was greatly love by many! 


4.14.10 ~2.26.19

RANGO  of litter SC1 passed in his sleep at his home in Palmetto, FL about a year after his beloved owner, Cassie Robinson had passed away. He was a devoted Eldercare service dog and full time protection dog for her. 


5.17.11 ~ 9.23.21

Gunner of litter SC2 was our genetic alpha. A unique male who had a very distinct and decisive manner about him that struck fear in many. Cancer struck Gunner and slowly ate away until finally he passed. Gunner was a wonderful male with great protection drive!  DM-clear Hips-fair


5.17.11~ 1.25.22

Frankie of litter SC2 lived out his life with his beloved master, John in upstate New York. He served as John's personal CPAP machine until his death and was the first pup to teach me something was speacial about our line. Frankie also served as a Deaf service dog to John's wife. DM-carrier Hips-fair


5.17.11 ~ 6.20.16

TANYA of litter SC2 was the loyal companion of Kenny, a retired circus clown. She took good care of him until her death. Later she became a PTSD service dog for a young veteran. Tanya contracted Pyo after being spayed . DM-clear



CADE of litter SC2 died tragically of bloat. He served as an ESD dog in a children's home. His sudden loss was a terrible shock to all. Cade left a legacy with tough paws to fill but Aries has steppe in well! DM-carrier


5.17.11 ~ 6.22.11

Kilo  of litter SC2 was just a puppy when he was the most adventurous and managed to climb out of the box and sleep under a footstool near the closet. It would be his death as he was accidentally stepped on and his neck broken. :(


5.17.11~ 7.2.22

Frankie of litter SC2 lived out his life with his beloved master, John in upstate New York. He served as John's personal CPAP machine until his death and was the first pup to teach me something was speacial about our line. Frankie also served as a Deaf service dog to John's wife. DM-carrier Hips-fair


5.17.11 ~ 5.11.21

KANE of litter SC2 was an incredible ESD service dog and protector to Lizz. His testimony speaks volumes to the temperament of our dogs. He lacked nothing when it came to protecting his family! DM-carrier


3.1.15~ 7.2.22

Freya is the daughter of Anna, sister of Venus, bred to a vom Loganberg very early in life. Freya contracted IMHA suddenly and within 2 weeks, we lost this beautiful precious soul! DM- clear 


9.5.10 ~ 12.31.17

JETT sired litter SC3 x Athena and SC4 &SC7 x Tanya. Jett was pure black owned by Lizz. He was a wonderul good natured boy but also an escape artist which cost him his life.  DM-affected



LUKAS of litter SC3  son of Athena x Jett, contracted Cancer. He was an exceptional companion, incredible working dog and wonderful Protector. DM-carrier

OCCY (Osceola)

6.18.12 ~ 10.24.21

Occy was part of the wonder litter from Prince x Shadoe, riddled with demedex as puppies they all survived  tho Occy suffered the worst from it all. He was an incredible ESD boy for Kelly Davis. 


6.18.12~ 12.27.21

Another one of the wonder litter pups, Chief served as security and a park ranger and attended everything his owner did until he could no more. Degenerative Disc Disease claimed his zest for life.  


6.18.12 ~ 10.1.20

Also one of the Wonder Litter pups,  Maverick served Larry from puppy to his death with love and devotion and an ability to serve that wasn't trained into him. He came by serious skills and the ability to read moods like no other dog Larry had ever had. Maverick passed away from liver cancer.



TOBY of litter SC10 son of Aries x Orion, had a household accident with antifreeze at his home in upstate New York. TOBY was a diabetic alert dog as well as ESD service.  DM-clear


9.9.14 ~ 3.21.17

NIke of litter SC5 daughter of Edie x Atlas, was my first black Stone Creek Shepherd. She was my joy and such a beautiful jewel. Til one day she was so sick... and a week later died of Pancreatic Cancer!


12.20.17~ 5.7.22

Fauna of litter SC8, daughter of Diana x Axel was a survivor of a virus ridden litter. Always small but incredibly alert and an excellent diabetic alert dog, she served the Dolliver family until her death from kidney disease.