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Family Raised AKC working German Shepherds- for medical alert and personal service

Our Kennel... Our Litters

Our First Litter -April 14, 2010

At 9AM on April 14, Bella began labor and finished at 11:45PM that night after delivering the 9th puppy. Bella did an awesome job throughout a long day but lost 1 puppy within a few hours of delivery, who was aspirated in the sack and killed the other who was a deformed little guy, that she took care of three days later. I had to accept that nature does know best no matter how it breaks our hearts.

And So, 

Atlas*, Ares*, Rango*,Roush*, Mischa*, Prince*, and Athena

 were born.

Weeks One through Four

Week 1 - Gorgeous!

All lined up and doing great but the little yellow ribbon was the deformed puppy and often needed help. Vet said he had a great palate and would survive just fine but never walk right. He came out at 10oz and so very tiny! His front legs were turned inward in a corkscrew manner and possibly with "therapy" we could have helped him walk eventually but as the vet said, "he'll never be a 'show dog'". Bella snapped his neck three days later, as he would have been a beautiful mistake always wanting to run and never being able to. Nature seems to understand those difficult things we can't seem to.

Week 2 - A Little Setback

Bella developed a serious case of mastitis, leaving her with alot less to nurse seven puppies on. That meant bottle feeding the super orphan formula I acquired many years ago to each puppy each day supplementing her nursing.

This brought the puppies closer to us over the next several weeks as they looked forward to their daily feedings and helped relieve Bella of much of the pain & clawing that had begun. They each had their own personality about nursing! Each also liked different nipples with the different bottles.

Week 3- Daddy meets his kids.

On Week 3, Mercury was allowed to meet his kids for the first time cautiously, but needlessly without any concern later as he turned out to be far more attentive than Bella as she was often all too happy to turn the litter over to him! Nothing made him happier than to jump in the whelping box and lick and groom each of his pups... his gentle nature is evident in each of his offspring still. Here Blue (Atlas) meets his Daddy (tongue out).

Week 4-Alert and very Aware of their surroundings...NOTHING got past these guys. They were very alert from the very start, soon as they knew where the boundaries were they were climbing, thus the white board risers to prevent them from climbing out. If there was a gap they found it and soon we had escaped puppies on the run. Plump little buggers too! Easy going but also energetic and such a riot to watch them learning to get their legs and play with each other.

Weeks five to eight

Week 5 - Hello Daddy!

Mercury's second visit with his puppies was more relaxed as we knew now he wouldn't harm them. Here, Atlas (again first to his daddy) touches Mercury's face. Atlas was the leader of his litter.

Lady Lavender

(Athena) was our first pup with an ear up at 5 weeks! Surprising us, she never lost that one ear up the whole time and soon the other one joined it! She looked like a little flapper dancing with her finger in the air running around with the one ear up like that! All the others took a while longer to catch up to her.

On the right, Purple, (Prince) meets Daddy Mercury. There's no fear in the pups at all.

Their first car ride together was between 5 and 6 weeks to a prospective buyer out of town. It was a lot of fun especially taking them outside to walk on leashes!

My neice Marisa learned how quick pups can be on leashes and tying one up in a tangle fast!  

All hooked up to carride. Lady Lavender (later known as Athena) managed to climb on one of them, then out on the ground on leashes was an experience for my neice, Marisa in handling puppies without leash experience, and Lady Lavender and Me on the ride home. How can you NOT fall in love with a face like that?  This was the moment Athena chose me.

Week 6 Getting BIG! Only 6 Weeks!

The Pups were growing like weeds and getting more and more active.

All chubby and roly poly, they were a bundle of joy in the house, and quite the noisemakers when they wanted to be!

Our 8 cats went into hiding out in the master bedroom thereafter.

Week 7  & 8 Whelping Box almost out...and ready to go home. 

The Pups were on the move quickly and the whelping box was too small an area now... so it was living room time. But after 30 minutes of running around, the Living Room would look like this while Mom, Bella looked on. Crashed out puppies!

Ears started perking up on everyone else too now!

Rango II (yellow) was the first puppy sold and went home right away to his new 75 year old owner Cassie. Rango and Cassie are inseparable even though he's a lot of dog, as her son told me, she can handle him! Rango is one beautiful pup and in a very loving home! Today he outweighs Cassie but at the same time knows she is his responsibility and looks after her well in Eldercare duties with her. Cassie dearly loves him!

Next was Ares (Green) as he went home to Jeremy and Megan in Orlando! They'd been visiting him regularly since he was 3 weeks old. He couldn't be more loved! Ares has grown into a strapping beauty... now the largest of the pack! Lots of personality in this boy!

The third puppy to go home was Prince to the Valenti family, who regularly hosted the whole lot of his siblings to come play with him on his acreage and swim in his lake and to run to their hearts content when they lived here. Prince since moved to North Carolina with his family and his new mate, Shadoe! They would all wear each other out for the day there!

Prince has developed quite the personality but his ears took their sweet time standing, though when he's onto something he definitely makes them alert! Prince loves the water, so wherever Marko is, so is Prince... i.e. the pool.

Mischa was being loved dearly by Monique, the daughter of Mercury's original owner, Twinkle. So we've kept Athena's sister close by and both are growing wonderfully! Mischa also in a very loving home and gets lots of attention. Since this time, though things changed for Mischa and she came home again and was able to be rehomed with a few other people until finally  permanently with my son, Kenn Stehling. She served a therapy dog alongside Vidarr! And became my son's "little tank" and best girl!

And Skye Blue was renamed Roush by his new owner, Erin, and went home with her on Nov 10th to their new apartment just in time for the holidays! Unbeknownst to Erin, Roush is actually a form of german for "out!"(raus)... that suits Roush! He made a lasting legacy at our house on his last night at home by trying to get to a cat, almost making it OUT the front door with the cats! Go Roush!  Roush was a phenomenal ESD!  Roush's testimony is featured on our testimonies page by Erin.

Litters since.... * deceased

SC2.... Bella & Mercury

13 born 11 survived..

Bella and crew:

  1. Shelby, Gunner, Vidarr, Kane, Thor, Diesel,  Raider, Frankie, Vita, Kilo*,  Tanya,#12,  Cade.

SC2a Shadoe x Prince 


9 born 8 survived

Mac, Occy*, Maverick*, Chief*, Laser, Doctor*, LilBit, Nala, #9*

SC3 Athena & Jett 


8 born 7 survived

Hercules, Lukas,* MarsZeus, Venus, Poseidon, Anna, Zenzi

SC4 Tanya & Jett 


3 born 2 survived 

Rocky & Jazzy*, #3*

Edie & Atlas SC5 9..9.14

9 born

5 lived

Zeus, Nike*, Achilles, & Tasha & SC6 litter 3.19.15 7 born 4 lived Diana, Nicholas Thors Thunderstorm, & Aries, Korra

Diana & Axel


7 born

2 lived

Gunther & Fauna*

Aries & Orion



2 born Ellie & Taurus




9 born

Kairo, Blue, Vali, Freyja, DuckBrigid, Aurora, Layla, Darlington, Toby*

Venus & Taurus

SC11  5.2219

6 born

3 lived

Nona, Nyx and Beyla 

Diana x Ares

SC12  9.15.20

13 born

4 lived

Terra, Gunner, Mulan, WArlock

Diana x Ares

SC13  4.5.21

11 born

8 lived

Phoebe, Luna, Cali, Khalida, Tyr, Shadow, Mamba,Kanan

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