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Family Raised AKC working German Shepherds- for medical alert and personal service

Testimonies from Owners about their pups... since 2010

See what our owners have to say about our puppies and dogs!

Beauty, Brains and Brawn... And why you can't go wrong with Stone Creek Shepherd!


 owned by Vinnie Notarianni (Bella x Mercury)

Vita is an amazing dog! She's a service

animal (deaf certified) and my best friend ~I'd be lost without her!

Thank you for breeding her for me, she's worth every penny! I couldn't dream of a better one. She's got my personality for sure, but very smart! She's even on sign language and loves to swim and play with Frisbees!

She loves to bend them before she brings them back to me so they wont fly LOL! She's such a little shit but a perfectly healthy pup! ~ Vinnie, Ohio

ROUSH GOTTESBESTE OF STONE CREEK (SC1) originally owned by Erin McClurg (Bella x Mercury) later owned by Nora and Chet Skol. 

Roush passsed away Sept 4, 2021 with his Pet Sitter. 

I got my GSD, Roush, in 2010 from Debbi Willis. I was welcomed to come see and play with all the puppies. I love that you can interact with each dog and get to know their personalities. You are also able to see for yourself how well-cared for each of her dogs and puppies are. Debbi has been there 24/7 on my journey with Roush. I didn't know much about the breed, but Debbi is very knowledgeable of her dogs and the breed and I can say I have learned so much from her over the years.

Roush is my personal companion. I have so much I say about him that I do not know where to begin. I've never known a dog like him! He has so many wonderful traits. Roush loves going on car rides and visiting with new and old friends. Even though Roush is 92lbs, his best friend is a 10lb cat. Roush knows when to be gentle. My sister just had a baby girl on 10/04/2013 and when that baby cries, Roush is the first one to rush over and see if she is ok. He also does this with me, he knows my moods and will react to each of them appropriately. Roush is my protector, and he even watches movies with me at night when I need the company.

He literally will watch the entire movie of UP (his favorite) or 101 Dalmatians. Not only Roush, but all of the dogs at Stone Creek will impress you with their personalities. Roush was put through basic and advance training with Dog Masters of Tampa, and did wonderfully!!! You wouldn't believe how smart an animal can be until you see them at work!

One evening Roush wasn't well, seemed like he was in pain, and I had to take him to the Emergency Vet. Debbi was there with just one phone call! I can't explain the support you get from Stone Creek Shepherds! On a bright note, Roush had ate too fast and had an upset stomach....he was fine, but having Debbi there to talk with me with the vet was the best!

I also love the fact that if you need to board your dog, they are always welcome "home". Roush has been boarded with Debbi quite a few times over the years when I've needed to go out of town. I always feel comfortable knowing that he is in good hands there. She is always able to decide what's best for Roush.

Most recently my life took a totally new direction and I had to give Roush up and Debbi immediately took him back and even kept him for nearly 6 months while I sorted things out in my life. Roush is such an incredible dog, he also "serves" medically for anxiety, emotional & pysch needs and personal companionship! Because of this, Debbi was able to rehome him with a trainer friend who needs him and he now has his own home, daily dog beach walks and regular grooming and exercise by this lady's side.

 I can visit him any time but I have peace of mind knowing he is in the best hands and I can see him anytime I need to.When I am ready again, I will get another puppy from Debbi and enjoy the full support and love I know so well from Stone Creek Shepherds. I could go on and on about my experiences and dog! But I will say, I will always own a German Shepherd from Stone Creek Shepherds. Thank you Debbi for everything and for blessing me with my "best friend"!- Erin, Bradenton, FL

CHIEF of Litter SC2a

6.18.12 ~ 12.27.21

In 2012, a friend of mine from work mentioned in passing that a good breeder was looking to home a German Shepherd pup of hers. Interested in a working dog for Search & Rescue work, I immediately set up a time to meet this dog. 

Chief had some health difficulties as a puppy due to circumstances beyond anyone's control at the time, and Debbi had spent the greater part of 4 months rehabilitating him, working with a great network of veterinarians, and spending a lot of time making sure he would grow to become a great dog for someone that fit the bill.

I got Chief at 4 months old, and immediately I could sense what a strong working-line this was. By 6 months he had most basic commands figured out. By a year he was solid in German short commands. Debbi's German Shepherds are a working line at the core, whatever you need it to do; it will. These are the Swiss Army Knife version of dogs. At a year and a half, Chief is now able to venture out about 2 miles through unmarked forest and track back to his starting point without corrective commands or assistance. As we progress in focusing on scents, we hope to find a Search & Rescue team to begin work following NASAR certifications.

Having worked a dog in the military while deployed at Ground Zero following 9/11, I saw at that time that I wanted a dog of my own someday to continue training and working with to help others. Chief and Debbi have provided me the opportunity to do that. Debbi is a great source of knowledge about dietary approaches, genealogy of her dogs, and the history of the breed. We have returned several times to visit and Chief always feels at home with the members of his old pack. I would highly recommend anyone looking to have a Shepherd, whether for home or for an agency; to consider Stone Creek Shepherds! ~ Greg, Fort Myers, FL  


owned by Guy Deeble (Winburn GSD & half brother of Mercury & Tango)

Orion passed away May 2, 2021. 

Debbi Willis at "Stone Creek Shepherds" is an exceptional breeder, that could in no way be compared to a "backyard breeder". Her complete knowledge of the breed and care for their health is something I have not seen anywhere before.

My acquisition from Debbi is Orion, now 3 years old (2014), he has all that you would expect from a GSD...highly intelligent, protective and an excellent family dog.

I am proud to have him working as well.....Orion is part of our local search and rescue volunteer group! He is easy to train for this work thanks to the naturally talented bloodline at Stone Creek.

Recently Orion sired a female puppy and she is now with us also. He has continued to exhibit the phenomenal temperament I've come to expect from a Stone Creek Shepherd, like his half brother Mercury (2008-2014).

Debbi's continued support after placement is unparalleled taking the selection decision to a new level! ~Guy Deeble


owned by Liz (Bella x Mercury)

Kane passed away May 11, 2021.

Meet Kane. Our Stone Creek Shepherd... Our story began the day he was born as I helped my closest friend Debbi Willis (owner of SCS) whelp him and his siblings. Kane was not promised to my family, he was the pick of the litter for the Dam's family and would go home with her at six weeks old with his new family.

Meanwhile I would be facing my own personal struggles... going thru a divorce, raising a two year old little boy, working, going to school, and in the spring of 2012 found out I would be expecting a baby girl. Naturally all of these come with anxiety and stress, and unfortunately I have struggled with anxiety and panic most of my life. I have always coped and dealt with my issues with the help of a dog... German Shepherds specifically.

I have owned Shepherds since birth. Training, breeding, loving, and devoting myself to them... My early life experiences have also made me very particular and picky with the type of dog I will accept into my family. And therein came my trouble of finding the perfect fit for my family... It started before I even met Debbi and continued until recently as I struggled to find the dog that met the balance I need for myself and my kids. I won't go into every dog that we tried, fostered, rescued, bought, trained etc. Suffice to say, it has been many to keep it simple.

Here is why we chose Kane over all others:

Seven months after Kane went home with his new family and his mother, he was returned to Debbi. There were issues and they could not keep him. Naturally Debbi welcomed him home and began to work with him building strength and confidence. It wasn't long before Kane developed his true potential... and I took notice. He was a little over a year old then, and I was expecting baby number two, living in an apartment alone with my little boy... I had time on my hands and Debbi and I decided that Kane might be a good fit and I could work on his advanced training. He did marvelously well and we really enjoyed him, unfortunately my life situation changed again and I had to return him.

I struggled with the my pregnancy and other aspects of my life. I had another German Shepherd, Jett, that I was trying to keep despite his lack of patience for my son... and continued to struggle for some months. Karyn finally made her entrance into the world in December 2012 and Jett was fantastic with her detecting her apnea etc... But he continued to fail at connecting with my son and it was incredibly discouraging. Liam was three years old now and loved to engage the dogs and play with them. This helped him come out of his shell a lot! (Liam didn't speak until he was nearly 4).

We went back and forth for another 18 months .. until it was decision time. I was desperate for a dog that would connect with my entire family-my children, my significant other and myself. Debbi was desperate for Kane to have the home he deserved to serve in as he had such a huge heart for people! He had not worked out in another home again.... As fate would have it, Kane was a very viable choice. Adapting to each person and each scenario without hesitation...the obvious choice was Kane. There is no better fit for my family and I could not be more proud to own a Stone Creek Shepherd!

His temperament is incredible. He is the sweetest natured family dog I have ever seen.. But the best part is I didn't have to sacrifice drive or workability. Kane thoroughly enjoys protection work as well as prey driven activities like Frisbee and ball. He is absolutely stellar in public and does not break focus. He isn't destructive in our home has had no issues learning his boundaries. He keeps a watchful eye on the kids as well who and what is outside our house. He attends to me in my personal moments when I need "my dog" and still all the while knows where the kids are and that the house is safe. I could go on forever about this boy! :) We wouldn't choose any other Shepherd to complete our family! We love our Stone Creek Shepherd!

Jasmine (Jazzie) Dolliver and Hercules Gottesstarke of Stone Creek (SC3) owned by Doris and Dana Dolliver (Athena x Jett)

Hello to all of you thinking about purchasing a Stone Creek German Shepherd. Really look no further, because you will be as happy and satisfied with one of their pups as my wife and I are with ours.

We are the owners of 2 of their pups ...Hercules, which we foster... and Jasmine aka Jazzie. Both are a delight and get along great together. Hercules was almost a year old when he came to us the first week in December . I am so thankful that we chose to foster him!

I am a T1 diabetic and had EMS at my house the night after Christmas due to very low blood sugar. Hercules must have picked up on the Ketone odor that a diabetic gives off because several times since that early A.M. encounter with EMS, he has alerted me to very low Blood sugars.. And trust me when he wants you to get up ... well you are getting up!

And he also stays with me until I check my blood sugar and eat something. He knows the routine. He is always observant and very aware of what is going on around my wife and I. Non-aggressive but assertively intimidating, however I know in my mind that he would defend the family if needed. As would Jazzie. He would not tolerate a crate because he patrols the house and inspects it when we return from anywhere before we get past the doorway! To sum up Hercules, he is loveable, playful, very protective, an excellent medical alert dog and a bit stubborn at times but ever watchful.

Jazzie is well, Jazzie. Absolutely adorable, loving, playful! She was born with a couple of complications and we are very glad she overcame the majority of those... she is small and beautiful! (Debbi works very closely with us on these matters and shares everything she can with us in her health). Jazzie is also a bit stubborn (just their nature) at times but VERY jealous of anyone that I (Dana) pay attention to when she is present. i.e Hercules...

As for the owner and our breeder Debbi Willis, I can only say that through a business transaction my wife and I have her as a new friend. She has gone out of her way to help us with our pups as well as sharing very useful information in caring for our pups. Just as I cannot say enough good things about our pups ... so goes the same for Debbi. It is hard to describe getting a pup from her... it is very personal and rewarding experience. Another plus is that IF you have a problem she is just a phone call away!

All in All after researching several other breeders in the area on the gulfcoast, we are very happy to have gotten our pups from Stone Creek Shepherds.

Doris and Dana Dolliver

Jazzie passed away April 23, 2018, and Fauna joined the Dollivers. Then, Dana passed away Sept 21, 2021 and later Fauna passed May 7, 2022. Hercules, still serves Doris today.  

What our dogs do NATURALLY

ALL dogs need Obedience and Public Access training but not all dogs are naturally able to pick up on these conditions from puppyhood like ours do: 

  • Diabetic Alert
  • Hypoglycemia Alerts
  • CPAP Alerts
  • Cardiac Alert (this is innate)
  • PTSD service
  • Deaf service
  • Epilepsy & Seizure service
  • ESD & Anxiety service
  • Chiari & MS Service
  • Eldercare
  • Child Therapy

As well as: 

  • Personal Protection
  • Search & Rescue
  • AND Dog Sports 

With our line, it's important to be aware and learn the dogs methods of alerting and pay attention to your own conditions.

Stone Creek Shepherds have literally saved lives many times because their owners listened to their dog, myself included.